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Cricket Home Comfort FAQ's

Who will be my rental equipment provider?

Your hot water heater and/or HVAC equipment will be rented through Cricket Home Comfort and the rental charge will appear in the other companies section of your Enbridge bill. Offers and representations are made by Cricket Home Comfort. Cricket Home Comfort is not owned or otherwise affiliated with Enbridge Gas Distribution or Enbridge Inc.

What are the benefits to renting a hot water heater from Cricket Home Comfort?
  • NO up-front equipment cost

  • NO hidden charges

  • FREE service program 24/7/365

  • FREE lifetime service and repairs on all parts

  • NEW Energy Savings water heaters


  • TRANSFERABLE to the next owner should you sell your home

Are there cancellation fees if I do not want to rent my water heater?

You acknowledged in your agreement of purchase and sale that the water heater and / or HVAC equipment is rental and is not included in the purchase price of your new home. As such, in order to cancel the agreement, you are required to pay out the current purchase price of the equipment. The first year buyout price reflects the retail, installed cost of the equipment installed. There are no additional cancellation fees or penalties. You may cancel anytime by simply paying the buyout amount included in the buyout schedule.

Are there any additional charges ?

No, there are no hidden charges. You will pay only the monthly rental fee which will be reflected on your Enbridge Gas Distribution Bill. Enbridge billing can take up to 3 months to commence so there may be a true up to bring your account to current before regular billing commences.

Why should I rent and not purchase my own hot water heater?

Cricket Home Comfort provides only the highest quality water heaters to its customers. Water heaters available for purchase from big name retailers or even local contractors are manufactured to a lesser quality or efficiency standard with limited warranties in order to achieve a lower initial sales price to the consumer. These water heaters are inferior products and are likely to have a significantly shorter life span than the water heaters provided by Cricket Home Comfort. In addition, these water heaters are likely to require more frequent and very expensive repair resulting in higher life cycle costs to the consumer. With a Cricket Home Comfort water heater you have the peace of mind that you have the highest quality water heater of its type available, and in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your water heater, Cricket will fix it, free of charge, for as long as it is installed in your home and your account is current. Repair costs can be as high as $695 when you own the equipment, with Cricket Home Comfort you are fully covered, all repairs, parts and labor are included.

Who will do my servicing and how much will it cost?

Cricket Home Comfort will be responsible for service of your Cricket water heater and/or HVAC equipment for as long as it is installed in your home and you continue to make rental payments, you will not be liable for any costs associated with the repair, service or replacement of your hot water heater or rental HVAC equipment.

What about Warranty?

Your water heater and/or HVAC equipment is warrantied against manufacturer’s defect or premature leakage for as long as you rent the equipment from Cricket Home Comfort. The warrantee covers the equipment only. Ancillary components such as mixing valves, plumbing valves, or external expansion tanks supplied by the installing contractor are covered under your new home warranty.

Where are Cricket Home Comfort rental water tanks available?

Cricket water tanks are currently available throughout the Province of Ontario.

How do I minimize scale buildup with my new water heater?

All you need to do to minimize scale buildup is perform 2 minutes of maintenance twice a year to flush the scale from the bottom of the water heater tank. Just fill a bucket of water from the drain valve near the bottom of the tank, which will effectively wash away scale and sediment from the inner surface of the tank when done regularly. When the bucket is full, close the valve and dispose of the water outside, and that’s it! Repeat every 6 months and reap the reward of ongoing energy savings!

What happens if I sell my home?

No problem, just like today, hot water tank rentals stay with the home and you have no further obligations or concerns assuming you have an assignment agreement. In Ontario when a home is sold it is standard practice that rental water heaters and their associated agreements are assumed by the new homeowner. Your agreement of purchase and sale will indicate that the water heater is a rental and not part of the home the buyer is buying, however you will require that the purchaser sign an assignment certificate to assume your obligations. Assignment Certificates are available in the “Selling or Leasing” section of this website. Please see your terms and conditions for more details.

Will I be billed by Cricket Home Comfort?

If you are Enbridge service area, no. You will continue to be billed by Enbridge Gas Distribution and Cricket Home Comfort water heater rental charges will appear in the “Other Companies” section of your Enbridge Gas Distribution Bill. Cricket Home Comfort is not owned by, or otherwise affiliated with Enbridge Gas Distribution. Enbridge Gas Distribution provides billing services to Cricket Home Comfort.
If you are in Union Gas service area you will be billed by Cricket Home Services and make payments by pre-authorized payment plan.

What size and type of hot water heater does my house require?

The size and type of water heater provided in your home is based on several factors including the Federal energy efficiency requirements, the Ontario Building Code, EnergyStar for New Homes certifications and/or local bylaws or site plan agreements where applicable. Your Builder has selected the water heater provided to meet all of these requirements while providing an adequate supply of hot water based on average Canadian families.

What is a mixing valve and is one required to be installed?

A mixing valve is a valve that connects hot water and cold water copper lines controlling the hot water temperature to prevent scalding. The valve allows tanks to heat your water to 60 degrees Celsius (bacteria-killing temperature), and then cools water to 49 degrees Celsius, once the water exits the tank. This effectively prevents scalding, for reliable, everyday use in your home. It is an option that you have as a customer to install a mixing valve which the technician is required to consult you on.